Bogoslovo industrial park Fryazino Shchelkovo
Bogoslovo industrial park

Bogoslovo industrial park is the territory, prepared especially for installation of new productive subjects. It has complete infrastructure and energy carrier and networking, strategically important for enterprises and inventors.

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Route map to Bogoslovo industrial park

The territory of Bogoslovo industrial park is in Shchelkovo area of Moscow region. The lands of park site 35 km from Moscow. The space of the stead totals 10 hectares.

Not to mention the convenience of transportation of cargoes, because there are routes of Federal significance near the industrial Park: M8, MKAD — the Ring Road, TCKAD — the Central ring. The railway station with a wide track is 4 km from the industrial Park.

The enterprises of Bogoslovo industrial park can save considerable costs, given the convenient customs and transport logistics of the region. Thus, the industrial Park is located 10 km from the customs terminal of Shchyolkovo and 54 km from the international airport Sheremetyevo.

Expedient geographical location of Bogoslovo industrial park, its close quarters to Moscow gives significant advantages for Russian and foreign investment projects.


Communications of Bogoslovo industrial park Fryazino Shchelkovo

BOGOSLOVO industrial park has primary infrastructure that allows the partners, regardless of form of participation, to increase production capacity quickly without a long delay the construction of essential facilities.

The working substation (total capacity is 800 kWh, it is planned to increase capacity through construction of additional substations), own gas boiler with natural gas with a capacity of 3.5 mW (enter in 2015), centralized water supply and abstraction of one.

Fiber-optic connection to the Internet and the telephone network.

Thus, the infrastructure of the site helps to develop production capacity effectively (productions, assembly rooms and depots).

In addition, there are vacant land of industrial-depot destination in the territory, which can be used by member of the industrial Park as part of this profile. It is also important that the construction continues and the infrastructure is constantly being improved.


25 million people living in Moscow and Moscow region is a huge human resources with high level of education and professional skills.

The labour market of Fryazino science city, located 5 km from BOGOSLOVO industrial Park, 24 thousand people - represented by the specialties of the defense complex, metalwork, furniture and food industries.

The universities of Shchyolkovo city are 7 thousand specialists annually.

Use their knowledge and experience as a solid foundation for your company!

Efficient cadres for Bogoslovo industrial park


We give many services for the residents of the Park:

Round-the-clock security , enclosed territory with gate, video-watching.

The enclosed territory
The controlled access for machines and people.

Information technologies and communication
Fiber-optic connection to the Internet and the telephone network.

The room for conferences
There are rooms for conferees for companies-residents.

Forklift trucks for discharging and lading of freight motors.

Cleaning of territory
The cleaning of the roads of common occupation and auto-station.

Technic service
The offices of technic service and refit.

Cleaning of rubbish
The cleaning of rubbish in the places of common occupation.

Hot bake and drinks.

BOGOSLOVO industrial park is opened during all day 7 days a week.


It's not difficult to be the participant of the industrial park: it's enough to call on agents of manage company by number +7 495 799 25 84.

Different forms of participation (the renter, investor, co-investor, buyer, etc.) in the industrial BOGOSLOVO park are suitable for large foreign and domestic investment, and for small companies seeking to further improvement and development.

It is possible to build turnkey production subjects on investor's instruction.

The activity of independent companies-partners is based on close cooperation, which gives the opportunity to use the proposed infrastructure, gradually expanding production.

Of course, the success and profitability depend on many factors, but the high-priority factor of them is equal partnership. Even small production gets a powerful impetus to the development and expansion of spheres of influence, relying on human resources, geographic proximity to markets, transport accessibility and internal integration.

Forms of participation in Bogoslovo industrial park


Fryazino Manufacture of central conditioner BogoslovoManufacture of central conditioner within the ambit of from 500-120 000 m3/h.
Pneumatic AutoManufacture of dampers for car hoods, furniture and equipment.
Gelios kitchen manufacture BogoslovoManufacture and selling of kitchen furniture.
Ecofilt Bogoslovo
Alexandria Bogoslovo
R-LED Bogoslovo
Clivet BogoslovoClivet is a leading European company that designs, produces and distributes systems for air conditioning, heating, fresh air and purification with a wide range of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


In the direction from Moscow (MKAD) follow Shchelkovo highway (A-103) before turning to Shchyolkovo city.
Through Shchyolkovo, Fryazino and Novo-Fryazino village, take the turn to the district passway (Fryazino city).
After District pass way, turn right and follow through Saburovo village to Bogoslovo village.
+7 495 799-25-84
Bogoslovo village, Shchelkovo district, Moscow region, RUSSIA
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